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ul. Łobzowska 5/8
31-139 Kraków
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Designing publications is another field we specialize here at our studio. We create and compile brochures, books, albums, magazines and catalogues. For the purposes of a publication, we create fitting graphic projects, such as illustrations, infographics, pictures or texts. We conduct a complete publication support – we own our own photographic studio, and thanks to this we can constantly oversee the quality and form of the pictures. All these elements lead to the design of an ordered publication is created in a swift, efficient and a consistent way. Finished graphic materials are prepared to be printed. If requested by our Client, we oversee the process. We are able to work and supervise the work of a large project team, and thanks to this we are great at handling complex publications, which require cooperating with an editor, interpreter or a proof- reader. We’ve worked on publications for such institutions like The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (ASP) or The Pedagogical University of Cracow.