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A start to a good graphic design is a clear vision and a polished idea for a brand or a product. Sometimes it’s best to start the conversation with what is our desired effect, what image do we want to create and what space on the market we want to fill. If we know ‘how?’, ‘for who?’, ‘what?’, and ‘for what purpose?’ – We can start designing. If you have an idea and intuition, but still a few blanks – we can change it to a plan and clear guidelines. Depending on the needs we offer:

  • Strategic consulting – short sessions, which help clarify the strategy of the brand and the product
  • Concept Workshops / Concept Labs – workshop for key people working with a brand and our designers, which are made to create a vision of a brand and a product together; choosing the best concept and initial creative solutions.
  • Brand/Product Positioning – creating a basic strategic concept, creating a mission, defining the target audience, their basic needs and key benefits, which are to be communicated.
  • Defining the communication strategy of advertisement.
  • Help in creating a creative brief for the purpose of the design or communication – key document for the further works on the brand or the product.
  • Consulting the research process