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ul. Łobzowska 5/8
31-139 Kraków
NIP: 551 252 15 90

Visual Identity

How will working with Łobzowska Studio look like?

1. We set guidelines for a designing an identity. We prepare moodboards and form inspirations which will set a destination and define the project’s premises.

2. We create two concepts of a visual identity, from which the Client picks the destination for our future polishing up. After making the final decision we mutually agree where we want the concept to head.

3. We set up two developments of the previously chosen concept. We discuss with the client all the adjustments to the logo, coloring or the typeface.

4. The project is then perfected according to the final decisions.

5. We present a final visual identity project along with typefaces and visual identity’s colors.

6. After everything is accepted by the Client, we request the delivery of all required business stationary – business cards, company paper, folders etc.

7. Upon receiving the materials we create two suggestions for each of them. The Client chooses one of each proposed projects and notifies about potential adjustments.

8. We improve the compositions pointed out by the Client.

9. We create the Corporate Identity Manual.

10. The project is completed – we hand over all the elements of the visual identity.

11. We offer the ability to continue our cooperation to implement the identity or to design other elements of the brand. The most common being a website.